Now I may be a little behind on this, but I ran across this online and thought it was perfect, because how many times have needed to charge your phone but didn't have access to a USB port on a computer to charge it or your without the wall charger power converter? It can be as simple as plugging into the wall now - just have your cable with ya!

There are lots of things around that are charged via USB, your cell phone, tablet computer, mp3 player and more! Some genius engineers realized that a normal 110v wall outlet could be converted with a transformer and double as USB charge points. I think that is perfect because I for one don't like to have the cable attached to my laptop all time just to charge the iPod or iPad and how many times has that converter been misplaced!

To convert your regular wall outlet with one of these USB charger outlets, you'll need a little electrical knowledge and there's a video online that shows you the basics because you don't want to ruin your electronics with a power surge, electrocute yourself or burn the house down. It looks pretty easy to convert and doesn't seem to take that long.

I imagine these type of outlets will be all over the place and we'll be plugging in everywhere. But then you'll need to keep up with the wall cable! Guess it could double as a necklace for the ladies!

Have you done this DIY project yet? How did it turn out?