It's not very often you see a corporation in the Christmas spirit, but the Canadian airline WestJet is changing that. Their Christmas promotion this year played Santa to a plane full of passengers. 

The airline found a creative way to find out what passengers at two airports on a flights to Calgary wanted for Christmas. After the flights left, over 150 WestJet employees went to work like busy elves. When the flights got into Calgary, all the presents were waiting for them at the luggage pick up area!

How awesome is this! Watch the video and enjoy. It will bring a smile to your face! I have a feeling this airline is going to have customers for LIFE! With a wonderful promotion like this, even though I wasn't on the receiving end...if I ever get the chance to fly this airline, believe me, I will!

The vice-president of WestJet Richard Bartrem shares why they created the WestJet Christmas Miracle and how they pull it off.

Here's is a video of the Santa bloopers too!