Flying just ain't what it used to be! Once upon a time, it was an event. You felt special. Now, with soaring airline ticket prices and security check in lines, it's more like feeling like a cow that is being herded with a zillion other cows. Can you say "Moooo?"

Remember when you were actually served a meal? Yes, boys and girls, that was once included in the ticket price! Boy, have times changed!

A recent survey was taken to see just how much travelers would put up with. It was more of a "would you rather this or that."

One of the questions was, would you rather sit next to a crying baby or someone who smells? OMG! Well, 63% of the people surveyed said, the baby.

About half would put up with sitting next to a non stop talker if it meant more legroom.

39% they would let the stranger sitting next to them fall asleep on their shoulder than have to pay extra for carry on luggage. Really?

Yeah, like I said, flying just ain't what it used to be.

via Harris Interactive: Harris Polls > American Flyers Willing to Pay More for Personal Space.