Remember the old Jim Stafford song that said "I don't like spiders or snakes"? Well, I don't and looks like most Americans don't like snakes either!

Public Policy Polling took a survey and found out the most feared animals.

As a whole, Americans are more terrified of snakes than any other animal, with 21% of respondents claiming they were the scariest. Alligators were a close second at 19%, with sharks and bears following with 18% and 14% respectively.


The Top 9 Most Feared Animals:

1. Snakes

2. Alligators, although %6 of the people polled said they wanted one as a pet! Yikes!

3. Sharks

4. Bears

5. Cockroaches. Yeah, I am scared of them, but it's the ones that are so big you could put  a saddle on them! I've always heard those were called "tree roaches".

6. Tigers. Aw, but 26% said they wanted one as a pet! Yes! Me too! Cause they are so cute and fluffy! Who cares that they could bit your head off. :)

7. Bats.

8. Spiders. Yikes! Me too!

9. Wolves...really? Maybe a werewolf?

Who remembers this song?

via PPP_Release_National_617.pdf.