I've always been a good eater. I'll try foods that I've never eaten. My husband is English so yes, I've tried some interesting things.

Black pudding (a sausage made from pigs blood) and it was actually pretty good! Steak and Kidney Pie...don't think I'll have that one again. Just sayin'! I've even tried escargot. The trick? Big piece of bread and tons of butter and garlic!

Over the weekend, my husband, John, wanted me to pick up some sardines at the store. As he was telling me which ones he liked, he noticed a sour look on my face. I don't do sardines!

My mind just can't wrap around that one! I went to the store and was in the isle looking at the selection of sardines and I started gagging! How embarrassing! I quickly grabbed a few cans and tried to continue my shopping. When I got home I told my husband, of course he laughed and said he really didn't understand why I don't like sardines. I told him "I just can't go there!"  John is pretty happy because he know now that the sardines are ALL HIS! And he can have them! YUCK!

What foods gross you out?