What is Don Juan Date Cake with Walnuts?  I didn't know, and when I searched online there was limited information ... So here is the skinny on this treat with real ingredients.

This might be the beginning of my healthy eating blog. I'll continue to find new, safe options, and let everyone know where to find the snacks that won't hurt your waist or wallet.

I was scouring a local store, trying to find anything that wasn't over processed junk food. The only 'good' stuff I found was in the produce section. I think the nuts were in a different part of the store, hidden with chips and jerky.

I've been trying to eat healthier lately, and it seems processed foods are all you can find these days. So after getting my usual salad, I spotted "Don Juan" Date Cake with Walnuts. I looked at the ingredients which only consisted of dates (fruit) and walnut, which I thought was great. It's a product of Spain, and I've never seen a fat Spaniard ... so let's give it a shot.

This stuff was pretty sweet. Perhaps the labeling isn't as intensive in Spain as it is here in America. There must be sugar in it, or dates just taste better than I remembered.

Most date cake recipes online add things besides dates and walnuts. Even if it was just water, I think they would have to list it according the FDA, but they DID let the food into the country.

This small block was about 800 calories total, but I just ate a bit for a treat, after meals. So who knows if it's actually healthy, but I think I'm going to steer clear of it in the future.  It was tasty though, so we'll see!