I'm happy to report that I joined the 21st Century! Yes, I just got my very first smart phone! Then this morning at work I see this survey. It asked people if they use their smartphone in the bathroom, overwhelmingly the answer was "yes". What? I don't think that was in the contract I signed!

The survey showed that people between the ages of 28 to 35:

91 percent have used their phones while on the toilet, 16 percent have made a purchase on the toilet and 41 percent have made calls while on the phone

The study breaks down grossness by phone type, pointing out that Droid users (87%) are more likely to use their mobile phones in the bathroom than those with a BlackBerry or an iPhone (84% and 77%, respectively). Blackberry users, however, were more likely to answer or initiate a call from the bathroom. iPhone were the most polite of the three, with 67% using apps (67%) and 53% playing on social networking sites.

I guess the smartphone has become the newspaper of yesteryear?

Have you ever used your smartphone in the bathroom? Did you make a purchase? What did you buy...hoping you didn't have to buy any toilet paper! YIKES!

via Study: 91% of Gen-Ys Use Their Phones in the Bathroom.