Alright, so I was checking out our VIP Club and some of the prizes that are offered and I kept wondering what the heck is the "smart" toilet seat? I did a search and found it available on Amazon and it sells for $699!

What does it do? Well, it doesn't do windows, but I found the description rather funny.
From Amazon:

-PureStream function: concentrated water stream helps to relieve constipation.

-Warm water wash: adjustable strength with massage mode.

-Lady's wash: special nozzles providing gentle and thorough cleansing.

-Heated seat / Soft closing: adjustable temperature provides maximum comfort and seat cover comes down gently without noise.

-Self Cleaning Nozzle:nozzle made of anti-germ   material with automatic jet cleansing before and after each use.

Really? Now, even though you're probably laughing and thinking, "Well, Okee Dokey then!" after reading that description, the reviews are really good on this thing too!

One reviewer said:

Used this toilet seat over at a buddy's house and I must say, this toilet seat rocks!

Another person wrote:

This is one of those things that I look back on and wonder, "Why haven't I started using this earlier!?!"

You know what they say...Don't knock it until you try it. But even better? Why not win it!  Click on the button below to go to our VIP Club and enter to win.