Last week we found out, It's predicted in 10 years, we will be able to communicate with our pets. Yeah, we kinda do already, but to have a full conversation with them?

Professor Con Slobodchikoff at Northern Arizona University, is working on a device that can interpret prairie dog barks, and translate them into English and soon dogs and cats!

Oh, I think I'm in trouble big time with my cats! As you can see above, they didn't find the humor in their Christmas hats this last year...Oops!

The professor says:

‘I think we have the technology now to be able to develop the devices that are, say, the size of a cellphone, that would allow us to talk to our dogs and cats. 

‘So the dog says "bark!" and the device analyses it and says, "I want to eat chicken tonight."

'Or the cat can say "meow," and it can say, "You haven't cleaned my litterbox recently".'

So, What would your pet's first sentence be? Would the first really conversation you have with you're pet really be a good thing or them just nagging at you for all the things they don't like, but you thought they did!

Looks like this cat can already talk!

via Leading expert says we'll have the technology to communicate with our pets within 10 years | Mail Online.