You've heard about handwriting analysis before, but have you ever really had your handwriting really looked at? Here's a great video that will open your eyes to some of the things your handwriting reveals about your personality.

Luckily, they don't go into how neat and tidy your penmanship should be because mine is horrid! My mother used to say that I should have been a doctor because my handwriting was just as messy as a doctor's when he/she is writing a prescription. You know what I'm talking about. I've always wondered how the pharmacists could read all those scribbled prescriptions that a doctor writes out. Yep, I gotta admit it, my handwriting looks like chicken scratch! Oh, seriously, no offense to chickens is meant by that statement.

I will suggest that before you watch the video, go ahead and write a few sentences down. That way you can analysis your writing while you watch the video and not be swayed into writing a certain way.


The science of handwriting analysis is known as Graphology. According to Graphology has been around in one way or another for a very, very long time:

Not much is known about the history of graphology before he seventeenth century, except that for hundreds of years, Chinese scholars already knew that the way a person wrote revealed much about that person's character. In 1622, the first known published book on graphology emerged. The book was written by Camillo Baldi, an Italian doctor of medicine and philosophy (and professor at the University of Bologna).
It wasn't until much later though, that the word "graphology" appeared. It was coined by Jean Michon, a Frenchman, in the 1870s. His many years of research on handwriting analysis were first published n 1872 and are still required reading for serious students of graphology.