Everybody loves movies! But, there is that one movie that you've seen a billion times and every time it comes on...you just have to watch it!

For me that movie would be Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window starring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. There is something about that movie that pulls me in EVERY TIME! Maybe, it's because there is so much to look at as Jimmy Stewart watches all his neighbors out of his window while he is recouping from a broken leg. Maybe, it satisfies the "people watching" in me or maybe because it's just a great murder mystery with lots of things going on so it's visually and mentally stimulating. Either way, I love love love this movie!

What is the movie that you've seen a thousand and one times but still watch it every time it comes on t.v.?

Yesterday, a survey came out of Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films of all time. Is your favorite movie on the list?