I know YOU are the one who will win the Powerball this Wednesday. But just in case it's me, I thought I'd jot down some of the things I might buy with my winnings. See if you relate.

-- An iPod because I am one of the ten people in America that doesn't have one.

-- Replacement clothing for about half my closet.

-- A new weed eater because ours conked out.

Okay, dream bigger! It's hundreds of millions of dollars!

-- New homes in Hawaii, Texas, and another one next to a cornfield at my parents' house in Nebraska. Just because I could. Not everyone owns homes in Hawaii AND Nebraska.

-- A trip to Italy to see famous art and eat pizza and take a ride on a gondola.

-- I would stop clipping coupons.

-- I would help a friend who has cancer with his medical bills.

-- I would buy you dinner at Applebees.

The possibilities are endless. Would you quit your job? I really don't know that I would. I love it too much. I'll have to wait and see how it feels with all the winnings first. :-)

Do you ever think with the huge Powerball jackpot, maybe now is the time to play the regular lottery? Everyone is so focused on the $400 million-plus jackpot, that maybe our odds are good on the other smaller jackpots. I don't want those other jackpots to feel left out.

The drawing is Wednesday. Good luck!