We were reminiscing this morning about our childhood and the memories of getting in trouble came up.

Oh, I sound old, but back in the day, spanking was the norm. Everyone, I mean everyone got spanked! Of course today, that's not the "right" thing to do, but it worked!

I only remember getting spanked once. It was by my dad. After that? I knew if he was mad or my mother for that matter, I was in trouble and I took that "warning" seriously! My oldest sister told me that I was the type of child that if you just looked at me wrong, I knew I was in trouble and start crying. I guess I was pretty easy to discipline!

Most of my friends remember a paddle, switch or the "belt". How did you get your bum whooped spanked?  Mine was just the ol' fashion hand...my dad's...and it was a BIG hand!