Blue Bell is a step closer to making ice cream again, but it's still not a sure thing.  

Blue Bell ice cream has been off the shelves for a couple of months now because of a listeria-related recall, and there's still no exact date for when it's coming back.

But the CDC did say this week that its investigation is over, which closes the book on one more necessary step in the process of getting it back in grocery store freezers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also said the containers that are still in freezers at home could still make you sick, so it's best to toss those.  Crazy people have been trying to sell Blue Bell online to other crazy people who will spend tons of money on a tub of ice cream at the risk of falling ill. I love Blue Bell and want it to come back just as much as the lactose tolerant guy or gal, but sometimes patience is a good thing.

So when is Blue Bell gonna start crankin' out ice cream again?  The company said yesterday: when, "the FDA and the applicable state regulators agree we are ready to reintroduce products into commerce."  Ok then.

There are plenty of other ice cream makers that have to be loving the absence of Blue Bell right now, and thanks to them we won't starve.  They're plenty tasty too.

But Blue Bell is made in Texas and we tend to support the home grown goodies, right ya all?  There may be long lines and parades when it finally comes back.