I've been sharing all the Crystal Pepsi news I could find for a couple of years now, and it's finally back!

UPDATE: They've got Crystal Pepsi in the drink fridge's at the checkout line at Walmart.

Here's a video we shared of L.A. Beast drinking an old bottle of Crystal Pepsi 3 or some odd years ago.

Last year they made a freaking music video sharing their excitement of the news that the clear soda would return. We did a Fast Forward to Five that showcased the great song they put together.

Anyway, enough of the past. Let's look on to the future of Crystal Pepsi. We recently read an article about some folks that got their hands on some bottles at a Family Dollar, so now we'll be on the hunt for the popular drink as well.

After all ... we DID get Ecto Cooler, so we don't expect to run into problems getting our hands on Crystal Pepsi.

If you spot any Crystal Pepsi in East Texas, be sure to leave a message or comment for us so we can get some too. It can be our little secret. I really just need to try it again for myself.  I'm sure I had some when it first came out, but I need it now! Right Now!