Texans went to the polls in droves yesterday to vote for their favorite candidate to get the party nomination for the general elections in November or vote in a county commissioner or elect a new sheriff and more. There were quite a few offices that went undecided because the candidates did not win the majority of the vote so run-off elections will be coming up July 31st. As the elections were approaching, I heard a lot of talk about the candidates and that got me thinking, it used to be taboo to talk about who you'd be voting for. So is that still true?

With the run-off elections coming up in a couple of months and Presidential elections coming up in 6 months, will you be discussing who you'll be voting for or do you keep it a secret? I can see both sides of this issue: 1.) not letting people know about your party affiliation and if they know how you're voting you could be swayed and 2.) if you feel strongly for a candidate you can talk them up a lot to drum up support for them.