The 84th annual Academy Awards will be handed out Sunday evening in LA on ABC beginning at 7. The nominees are voted on by the Academy's more than 5000 members, but what if the public was voting? The outcome would most likely be different.

According to a recent Harris interactive poll, in the category of Best Actor, 23% of Americans feel that the Oscar should go to George Clooney for his role in The Descendants followed by Brad Pitt (16%), Gary Oldman (10%), Jean Dujardin (7%) and Dimian Bichr (1%). When you add up those numbers they don't quite equal 100%! That's because 35% are unsure and another 7% feel none of the nominees should win!

In the category of Best Actress, 28% of the respondents in the survey are unsure who should win, while 5% say none of the nominees should take home an Oscar. But of the ones that have made up their minds, they feel that Viola Davis should win the Best Actress category by receiving 23% of the votes for her role in The Help, followed by Meryl Streep (22%), Rooney Mara (11%), Michelle Williams (7%) and Glenn Close (4%).

So, I wonder who East Texans would choose to win the Oscar for Best Actor and Best Actress. I created a poll for you to answer and see if we are on the same page as the nation! Vote below!