Heather Mills a.k.a. the former Mrs. Paul McCartney was recently on a talk show in England. If she wants to make McCartney fans mad, she is doing a great job!

I really don't think I am a mean person by nature, but there are some people that bring the mean streak out in me! Like for instance, Heather Mills. Why am I on a rant? Because, she was recently interviewed on a t.v. talk show in England and man...

In the interview she is asked about Paul and she says she really doesn't want to go there. That's fine, not a problem, but what she says next, Really? Really Heather? You want to go there? That guy who you said so casually wrote a "couple" of songs in the 60's and a "few" song in the 70's is a beloved figure and helped define a generation!  That guy who "half the kids don't know who he is and that's why he's gotta do songs with Rihanna and Kanye West so people can remember"  had to hand over a huge hunk of his fortune to you in a divorce settlement that went down in history as one of the largest in British history. Would we even know who she was if she hadn't married Paul McCartney? I think not. Ugh!! Is she just trying to make me mad? I'll stop here before I start spitting fire and cussing like a sailor! 

Check out the interview below for yourself and tell me what you think.