Last week, we were telling you about the woman in California that hadn't claimed her Lotto winnings and time was running out. Luckily, Lottery officials found her! She almost missed out on $23 million dollars!

Julie Cervera, 69, claimed her prize Thursday. The nice thing about this story is the lottery officials went to great lengths to find her. They were able to narrow down the store where the winning ticket was bought. Then, they started looking at the security camera video and sent the picture of her to the T.V. stations and newspapers.

Cervera said she had her daughter, Charliena Marquez, pick up the ticket May 30 at a Palmdale liquor store. Cervera put the California Super Lotto Plus in the glove compartment of her car and forgot about it.

Now that's a happy story for a Monday! Of course, it would be happier if I had won the 23 million...just sayin'!

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