It's hard to believe that the 80's are considered 'back then.' What? That was just yesterday right? Some of the actors and actresses of the day 'back then' don't really look the same and some do..a few do. Well, maybe one or two?

Check out this video that shows some of the actresses and actors of the 1980's next to what they look like now.

You'll see how some have aged well others not so well and others that thought surgery was the answer. Ouch. Some should be asking for a refund. Do you remember these celebrities? Would you know them if you saw them on the street?

A few included in this video are:

Jennifer Jason Leigh from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Kelly McGillis from Top Gun

Kelly LeBrock of Weird Science

Meg Ryan, no explanation needed.

Dolph Lundgren from Rocky IV

Catherine Bach from Dukes of Hazzard