X Factor is set to debut on Fox this fall and Simon Cowell will be giving us a sneak peek of the show next week during the MLB All Star Game! According to the Hollywood Reporter. A Fox executive says the 3 minute teaser is unique and

isn’t just clips from the auditions. “It's big and bold and is very much Simon being Simon and showing off the fruits of his labor.”

An approximate time hasn't been announced on when the 3 minute long promo will air during the All Star Game, but Fox has said there will be on air promotion letting you know you haven't missed it yet though. Fox Sports president Eric Shanks considered having X Factor lead into the All Star Game with a 30 minute show, but due to production that wasn't possible and have settled for the 3 mintue movie trailer style promo.

The MLB All Star Game is being played in Phoenix on Tuesday evening and you can catch it on Fox51 at 7p.

The X Factor will debut on Fox with a two part premiere on Wednesday, September 21st and Thursday, September 22nd.