East Texas is just about the nicest place on Earth, but it's also an interesting thing to think about. East Texans are in a class of their own, but a person from Diboll might be completely different from the folks in Nacogdoches. So let's take a look at a little list titled, "You Know You're From East Texas," but let's focus on Lufkin for today. How many things on this list can you relate to? Can you think of anything we left out?

Before we get to your town in this ongoing series, send your "Know You're From _____" ideas to me at seanericson@townsquaremedia.com

Lufkin is our first victim ... Let's get started.

  • 1

    If You've Ever Cruised Timberland

    You might not cruise Timberland, but back when gas wasn't as expensive, your parents used to show off their cars. Something about all those red lights that give youngsters opportunities to talk to one another ... I don't know what it is.

  • 2

    If You Get Excited (Or Upset) About Any New Restaurant

    It never fails. Lufkinites hear that a new restaurant is opening, and we get no news about when exactly ... We build up the hype ourselves and one morning the place is opened and we flood it with our money. We all become food critics for weeks at a time too.

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  • 3

    You Are Proud To Bleed Purple (Works For Nac Too)

    The Lufkin Panthers are something people from all over can feel proud of. We've had plenty of people go on to do bigger things, and their victories are in some way shared with the rest of us. At least it feels that way.

  • 4

    You've Been To A Bonfire Party in A Pasture.

    No need to wait to go camping in the woods ... Someone you know has an old barn, and you once looked forward to sitting around and talking with your friends around a warm fire.

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  • 5

    You've worn shorts one day, then winter gear the next.

    Texas weather still confuses me.

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  • 6

    You've seen peacocks roam free and didn't bat an eye.

    I'm not just talking about the ones at the Ellen Trout Zoo either. Peacocks roam free on highway 7 and other dangerous roadways. It's enough to make you think they've got a plot to take over the town.

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  • 7

    You get excited about Rudolph the Red Nose Pumping Unit.

    Recently there was a rumor floating around that 2015 would be Rudolph's last year in Lufkin, and that caused a lot of drama. We were told that Rudolph is here to stay, and we'll let you know if we hear otherwise.

  • 8

    You've gotten into arguments about the best burger in town.

    Feel free to leave a comment below about who you think/know has the best burger in Lufkin.

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  • 9

    The smell of BBQ filling the air is nothing new to you.

    If you walk around certain parts of Lufkin, the smell of delicious barbecue will find your nostrils. There are plenty of places to choose from, and any time is a good time for BBQ!

  • 10

    You know there is always road construction being done somewhere on Loop 287 or Highway 59

    TxDOT does a fine job of keeping us informed of the road conditions, but it sure does seem like they're always out there ... working ... You won't be late to work if you stick with us and get all the road updates. Wink wink.

  • 11

    You've decided which movie to see based on if you wanted to walk through the mall or not.

    The movie theaters are run by the same company, but sometimes you just don't feel like trudging through half the mall to see a movie.

  • 12

    You've made a quick run to Gaslight for a few things.

    How can I put this without being too mean ... You won't be enjoying the smell of BBQ at the Gaslight boulevard in Lufkin. Having said that, it's still a good spot to pick up ice and stuff.

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  • 13

    You or someone you know has worked at Etech.

    Those guys will hire you in your sleep, so lock your doors at night. Kidding! But seriously, double lock if you can.

    Either way, I don't want to hear anyone say that they can't find a job in Lufkin.

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