The forecast today in Lufkin includes chilly rain, and most of us are not exactly thinking about bathing suit season. But manufacturers and the fashion industry are always thinking ahead and their minds are already on the summer months. Some stores are even getting shipments of bathing suits right now.

The word is, there will be less skin showing this summer. Guys hate it, girls may love it! Those of us who haven't been doing our sit ups and crunches regularly (and those of us who drank one too many egg nogs over the holidays) may be happy about the bathing suit prediction for the summer.

There will be fewer bikinis and more one-piece bathing suits. I know guys, you love to see our bellies. But more celebrities have been wearing one-piece bathing suits as they hit the water, and those bathing suits have been plastered all over the magazines and celebrity gossip sites. The fashion industry has decided the more full bathing suits are sexy, and the trend is catching on. More of the midriff-covering bathing suits are on their way to stores now.

The one-piece suits are not exactly our mom's one piece suits from back in the day, since now designers are experimenting with more daring cuts that accentuate the curves. Guys and gals can be glad about that.

There's your fair warning about what to expect this summer. Now back to the jackets and jeans, and a forecast that includes lots of heavy rain over the next few days.