The fall foliage in New England makes all the magazines and postcards, and seems to be the gold standard for how the orange and brown leaves should really look this time of year.  Want some?

There's a company that will ship them to you.

What should we send back from Texas?

If you order from, you only get three leaves.  So it's not really a pile you want to jump in because you'd hurt yourself.  And it costs $19.99 for those three leaves, so it would take a lot of moolah to transform the back yard into one of those Vermont or New Hampshire postcards.  But they do say each leaf is hand-picked and color-balanced, and doused with some sort of preservative so the leaves will hold up for an exceptionally long time.  They should, because you're paying twenty bucks for three dead parts of a tree.

If your wife is from Vermont, these leaves and a bottle of wine might fuel the romance. You're welcome for the idea.  But what would the rest of us do with them?

Better question.  What's something Texas has that's really amazing, that we could start shipping off to other parts of the country and make twenty bucks?  Oklahoma could start sending red dirt.  Louisiana has algae.  Cactus needles?  Maybe we'd better stick to the Shiner.