Business Insider has put together a list of the most expensive homes in the country, and it's just about as ridiculous as you'd expect. Where's the number one mansion? I'll give you a hint - it's not in New York or California!

Greenwich, Connecticut is where you'll find the most expensive home in the country, complete with a $190,000,000 price tag and almost a mile of private beach.

That's not the best house, though. Sure, you could go to California for the number two pad (clocking in at a cool 150 million bucks) and live like Sonny and Cher did, once upon a time, in the same house. You could move to New York, and live in a penthouse that includes the original ballroom from the Pierre Hotel, painstakingly transported panel-py-panel, for just $125,000,000.

But no. My pick for the coolest, best, and coincidentally not-the-most-expensive-by-a-long-shot house is actually a tie between four mansions from Colorado,Kentucky, Utah, and Missouri. Why these places, you ask?

The Colorado property clocks in at number five on the list, at 75 million bucks. It's a beautiful log cabin, which is nice, but the clincher is the furnished teepee on the property that is probably several times bigger than my current house.

At number 14 on the list we have a castle in Kentucky. It's got its own horse farm, and battlements. I don't see a moat or a drawbridge, and I think we can be pretty sure there's no dragon. If you're dropping 30 million on the house though, you can probably afford a dragon-deterrent system.

Missouri brings us this nice property in the woods. There's four houses and a helipad. For your helicopter. Because you're filthy rich. It's a steal at just $12,500,000, so you can use your leftover cash to buy a second helicopter!

Finally, the last house on our highlights list is this compound in Utah. It hits the list at number 19, and 21.9 million dollars. It's close to a bunch of ski resorts, which is cool, but the best part is the aquarium. The second-best part is the DJ booth. Spin jams for your tropical fish!

The full list is right here, with photos and more info. If you won the lottery, which place would you pick?