Report: Warners Wants Matthew Vaughn for ‘Man of Steel 2’
Warner Bros. supposedly has years of DC Comics movies mapped out, but the map keep changing before our eyes. Officially announced titles include this year’s Justice League and Wonder Woman, and next year’s Aquaman and a Shazam movie featuring Dwayne Johnson. But beyond the immediate fu…
'Supergirl' Boss Updates on Possible 'Superman' Spinoff
Supergirl had its fun introducing an actual Superman early into Season 2, though it stood to reason Tyler Hoechlin wouldn’t be sticking around forever. Naturally, fans would love to see the brighter, cheerier take on the Man of Steel again, to which CW head Mark Pedowitz updates on the possib…
'Justice League Action' Goes for Laughs in First Clips
Just when DC had us distracted with one shiny animation return, so too is the Justice League ready to grace our screens again in animated form. See for yourself in new clips from the forthcoming Justice League Action, including musical moments, alien worlds and a little Bat-time travel.

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