A ski resort in Austria set up live security cameras that gave the local patrons a few strange ideas.

The ski resort itself finally made a supercut edit of all their favorite goofy moments caught on their security camera and released the following video. Some of the folks staging humorous bits decided to add some NSFW imagery, but the Ski resort blurred all nudity, and one particular segment starting at the :50 second mark and lasting all the way until the 1:07 mark aren't for the eyes of children so VIEWER BEWARE!

Watch it for yourself and let us know what your favorite part was. We couldn't help but to laugh out loud at the 2:10 mark ... you'll see.

Obergurgl / Hochgurgl / Gurgl via YouTube

Also, if anyone can pronounce the name of this ski resort, please let us know because we would be very impressed to here how it's said.